PyPES: the Python Procedures for Experimentation with Semantics

PyPES™ is the Python Platform for Experimentation with Semantics. The term "platform" is perhaps an aspiration rather than an accomplishment. — Let's call it "Python Procedures for Experimentation with Semantics" for now.

wordnet2sql: WordNet data, ready for use with SQL-based DBMSs

wordnet2sql is what is needed to populate a relational DBMS with data from WordNet. There are many reasons for doing that. Most importantly, this gives you a way of easily extending or modifying the data structures (for example by statistics).

SimpleVocab: a simple stimulus/response-based learning tool

I put together this piece of software to help me learn Japanese vocabulary. The problem with most of the programmes I found was that they come with their own vocabulary, making it hart to adapt the software for use in the context of some pre-existing curriculum.

Also, I wanted to use character sets other than the user's native input locale. In particular, I needed to input Kanji, but wanted to restrict the character palette to characters in my vocabulary.

fancylogin: (now defunct) colorful linux login screen

my first ever open source effort. ...a bit silly really, and what I write in there in the "history" section is downright embarrassing. The sad thing is that it's probably the biggest impact I've ever had. *sigh*