Richard Bergmair's Publikationen

Bergmair, Richard. 2003. A Summary of Traditional Approaches to Natural Language Processing.” Diplom-HTL-Ingenieur thesis, Leonding, Austria: Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt Leonding.

This report provides an overview of the core problems of natural language processing, discussing the issues of morphology, syntax and semantics and presenting the techniques that are most commonly used to address them. Each of these aspects is first elaborated on from a linguistic point of view, then the problem is simplified and idealized, and finally a technical solution is presented. In particular the report shows the use of FSTs for morphological analysis, Earley’s algorithm for efficiently parsing context-free grammars that can be left-recursive and ambiguous, and a syntax-driven approach to systematic construction of a representation for a sentence’s meaning from grammatical information about its constituency structure. This report made up the theoretical part of the Diplomarbeit I handed in to HTBLA Leonding.