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==> Nash Reilly writes “I Think I Know Why You Can’t Hire Engineers Right Now”.

Companies nowadays seem to have a fixed expectation that if they’re not rejecting 99 candidates for every candidate they hire, they are somehow not doing it right.

From the candidate’s perspective: Recruiters are turning LinkedIn into this huge cognitive dissonance delivery machine. They’re telling you about how much more money you should be earning, how much better work you should be doing, how much better lifestyles a job should be enabling for you, etc.  And all that could come true for you if only you would agree to be interviewed.

Then they reject most of the candidates they interview. And, let’s face it, rejection sucks. Even if, at the level of higher cognition, you are perfectly aware that it’s just a numbers game, and that you shouldn’t let rejection get to you psychologically, you are not a Vulcan. Rejection means cognitive dissonance in a big way: You applied for the job, so that means you wanted it. But they rejected you, so that means you can’t have it. It’s also a threat to your identity because you think of yourself as pretty good, and now there’s someone who thinks you’re not good enough for them. It just sucks.

So, what do you do? Avoid LinkedIn like the plague. If recruiter outreach does manage to get to your inbox somehow, you immediately start looking for reasons not to want to apply. Because if you find any reason not to want the job, they can’t hurt you by not giving it to you.

Recruiting is broken in a big way: We need to find ways of doing it that cause much less collateral damage psychologically.

#wirtschaft   |   Jan-13 2022