Richard Bergmair's Projects

Emergency Command Center Search Engine

Contract type: consulting
Client: Eurofunk Kappacher GmbH
Role: Elasticsearch Expert
Time period: Dec 2015 – May 2016
Volume: 720h

search engines • Elasticsearch • logstash • kibana • beats • RabbitMQ

As part of Eurofunk’s eOCS Emergency Operations Center Suite, a “generic search” capability as well as a capability to search through legally relevant audit log information was to be developed. Eurofunk engaged my services for data modelling as well as the design of a configuration to run elasticsearch in a distributed manner, for maximum availability and error resilience.

This project required high robustness and resilience, strong delivery guarantees, and high availability in a setting with low tolerance for operational risk and maintenance time.

I designed a network topology and configuration utilizing elasticsearch as an off-the-shelf search engine, based on my experience with search engine projects. I conducted tests and simulations to ensure that the setup as a whole was up to the challenging task.

I also created a data model that would enable high-quality rankings of search results and brought to bear my expertise and experience in relation to user interface design.

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