Richard Bergmair's Projects

Geospatial Analysis of Call Data Records

Contract type: consulting
Client: Flowminder Foundation
Role: Machine Learning Subject Lead
Time period: Jun 2016 – Jan 2017
Volume: 900hrs

data science • Linux • Python • numpy • scipy • matplotlib • ipython • scikit-learn • PostgreSQL • NoSQL • Kyoto Cabinet • LevelDB

As part of Flowminder’s humanitarian work in a conflict zone in the middle east, I extracted descriptive statistics and created geospatial visualizations from de-identified call data records provided by an operator of a mobile phone network.

This project posed some great challenges around infrastructure. The core data source, falling within the terabyte range, needed to be prepared for large-scale statistical analysis in a computationally efficient manner and integrated with a heterogeneous set of supplemental data sources for contextualization.

As part of my exploratory analysis, I extracted descriptive statistics and created geospatial visualizations of various characteristics of the data.

The project was conducted through a multidisciplinary team involving data scientists as well as subject matter experts. There was a strong culture of contextualizing results through subject matter expertise to get to actionable insight.

In addition to my role within the project team on this project, I was Flowminder’s point person to focus on machine learning aspects of the work going on throughout the organisation.

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