Richard Bergmair's Projects

Internet Observation Platform

Contract type: proprietary project
Client: Utopia Refraktor Ltd & Co KG
Role: Solopreneur
Time period: Oct 2012 – Feb 2017
Volume: 600hr Dr Bergmair + 600hr Junior Devs

NoSQL • mongodb • Linux • Python

PANOPTICOM is an internet observation product developed and operated by my company Utopia Refraktor. I developed an infrastructure that picks up digital media items like posts to news websites, blogs, etc. and filters them for relevance.

The machine is given feedback on the relevance of items within small samples, and engages a statistical language processing engine to learn textual patterns distinguishing relevant from irrelevant content.

The machine also automatically recognizes mentions of geographical entities, thus making it possible to break out reports by geography and to use geography as a further criterion in defining what’s relevant.

Since I pick up these patterns for each client individually, I am able to deliver media content to each of my clients based on their individual relevance preferences.


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