Richard Bergmair's Projects

Search Engine Implementation

Contract type: general contractor / implementation partner
Client: Theklatur GmbH
Role: Technical Project Leader
Time period: Jul 2013 – Mar 2014
Volume: 220hr Dr Bergmair + 700hr Junior Devs

search engines • data science • Linux • Python • NoSQL • mongodb • rabbitmq • celery

Theklatur GmbH, not having any software engineering resources of their own, contracted my company Utopia Refraktor for the design and implementation of a search engine website from the ground up. I conducted this project, coordinating a team of 5 junior developers as well as a number of subcontractors over a period of 6 months and implementing critical parts of the system myself.

The site gives users the ability to search through online offers of second-hand land machinery across a plethora of online marketplace and bulletin board websites.

Our implementation included several scrapers, backend-infrastructure for scheduling retrieval of content into a structured database in optimized time-intervals, as well as the search engine frontend.

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